Open-CyKG: An Open Cyber Threat Intelligence Knowledge Graph

Published in Knowledge-Based Systems, Volume 233, 2021

Recommended citation: Injy Sarhan and Marco R. Spruit. “Open-CyKG: An Open Cyber Threat Intelligence Knowledge Graph.”, Knowledge-Based Systems (2021) 107524.

Instant analysis of cybersecurity reports is a fundamental challenge for security experts as an immeasurable amount of cyber information is generated on a daily basis, which necessitates automated information extraction tools to facilitate querying and retrieval of data. Hence, we present Open-CyKG: an Open Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Knowledge Graph (KG) framework that is constructed using an attention-based neural Open Information Extraction (OIE) model to extract valuable cyber threat information from unstructured Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) reports. More specifically, we first identify relevant entities by developing a neural cybersecurity Named Entity Recognizer (NER) that aids in labeling relation triples generated by the OIE model. Afterwards, the extracted structured data is canonicalized to build the KG by employing fusion techniques using word embeddings. As a result, security professionals can execute queries to retrieve valuable information from the Open-CyKG framework. Experimental results demonstrate that our proposed components that build up Open-CyKG outperform state-of-the-art models.

Download paper here.